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The readers of my Lifeletters are a growing international community.

I want to thank all of you for the inspiration, love and support. There would be no Lifeletters without you.


August coaching group 4

Why Do People Read My Lifeletters ?

I will let my readers speak for themselves:

“This is just what I needed to read right now, Shayla. Once again you hit the nail on the head. (Leo Riccio, Chile.)

“I have been especially grateful for your writings this year. Every letter is a balm and an invitation deeper. I feel so fortunate to read your generous offerings.”   (Jude Spacks, Creative Inquiry Coaching)

“A beautiful piece Shayla… thank you for the clarity of your heart that can articulate with such precious tenderness and deep understanding of “what is” – all that is so crucial to face and meet in my own heart for me to live in the fullness of my own being.” (Carol Stewart, creator of The Mystery School, Nelson BC Canada)

“The moment I began to read this my breath deepened, became slower and more full and more open to the endless possibilities of these words put into practice. So much gratitude for your sharing. Love and peace and perseverance to meet each moment in grace.”   (Christine Oakley, Canada)

“I am so grateful for what Shayla shares. Her writing is not for the faint of heart. What it offers is a profound sense of connection with another human being who is exploring what it means to live fully and authentically.”   (Diana Van Eyk, Nelson, BC Canada)

“Your Lifeletters are like the moment in time when one does not breathe in, or out, that moment of utter stillness with what is”  (Shirley Grosser, New York)

“I really needed this today – once again, your words touch a sacred, tender part of my heart, reminding me of the beauty and support that exist outside the walls of my longing, and how easy it is to simply open the door and walk out.”   (Terran Orletsky, Nelson BC)


Paul and Jonathan-Brooke's birthday 2013

“Once again, tears of recognition flow downward within me, upon the ground that we all share. The integrity in your livingness, is like an arrow we can each follow into the heart of love.”   (Regis Kennedy, Belgium)

This is an example of what happens to me, quite often:

A few Fridays ago I was walking down the main street of our little town. A woman I know a little bit stopped me. She took my hands in hers, and asked, “Could I have just a minute with you right now?”

“Of course,” I said.

She told me that she had been up north for a while with her family.

“It wasn’t going well. I was really struggling with my emotions. Then I read your Lifeletter, and I realized that my feelings were not the problem – it was my relationship to them. It really changed things for me. And I was able to speak about this to my family. I told them what I had understood about how I was relating to my feelings, and they heard me. Thank you.”The love and wisdom that comes to you through my Lifeletters doesn’t belong to me.

It belongs to all of us.

Come join the community–let’s spread it around!


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