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My Introduction

I call myself a coach, spiritual mentor and facilitator. Closer to my heart is the feeling  that I am a white woman, carrying a medicine basket which has taken my whole life to weave together. In this basket are prayers, dreams, whispers, songs, questions, and practices. In my work, and in my life, practices are the most powerful medicine of all. Practices that heal the mind, illuminate the heart, and restore the soul. I have studied with many different teachers, coaches and healers, and experimented with all kinds of practices. The heart of my work is about connection: awakening to a profound intimacy with our own self, with the beings  in our life, and with our divine depths. Learning how to live at our evolutionary edge-respecting our individuality as we keep on expanding into the living field that is collective and universal.


In the midst of the wild and uncontrollable  nature of  my life,  I have learned to  listen to, and follow my deeper nature, while becoming more and more fully human, more and more grounded, vulnerable and transparent. This transformation has been a blessing and redemptive force in my life, beyond what I could have expected or imagined.

The new possibility I am offering asks you to pass through a real transformation, to release an old, outworn identity, and open to a new way of being alive. The survival brain that is part of our nervous system resists this kind of deep change. It will do a lot of things to avoid the fear, the  anxiety, that is part of becoming whole and new. I have had a lot of experience working with this fear. As well as the more traditional practices of meditation and inquiry, for twenty years I taught speaking from the moment, as an emergent process, in public, to people from all over the world.  I have also done a lot of mediation and  healing work with couples. I’ve learned how to work with this deep anxiety, and the impulse to contract and cling to what we know, in the intensity of these situations. It requires a lot of patience, clarity and compassion.


Sandi's yurt

I’ve also passed through death and rebirth a few times in my own life. I left a beloved community in India, after studying and teaching there for 23 years. I had to start life all over again, in a culture that no longer felt like home at all. I learned a lot about asking for help, and prayer, and learning to live in the unknown.  And clearing away the weight of the past, so the bright freshness of this moment can be welcomed. A dear friend of mine, Rosalyn Grady, passed along a prayer from the indigenous grandmothers, that became a strong ally for me: “May all this suffering, may all that I am passing through, become good medicine for the people I meet in my life.”

When this began to happen, I felt my trust in the unconditional goodness of life get much deeper.

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvellous error!—
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
      from my old failures.

      (Antonio Machado)

I feel so honored, so deeply fortunate to work with the people that come to me. I had two people contact me in the same day one week.

The first one told me she wanted to live with ‘radical transparency.’  The second  one, a man said. “I don’t know how to love. And I want to live in my body. Can you help me to learn?”  This is what I am giving my life to: these evolutionary longings, these deep authentic desires in the soul.

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My network

I have a small group of people whose work supports my own: two women who do very powerful intuitive readings, an energy healer and two therapists. One of them is trained in the work of Robert Augustus Masters, the other one does family constellation work.  All of these people work on skype and the phone.  One session with them, at the right time, can serve you quite profoundly.

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