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The Pocket Project with Thomas Huebl
Our mission is to stop the vicious cycle of recurring collective trauma and ultimately integrate and reduce its effects in our global culture. I am profoundly supportive of this project. I am training, studying and dialoguing with people all over the world about this topic. Visit the website and find out more,  if you resonate with the nature of this project.

The Victoria Refugee Initiative
A small group of us sponsored the arrival of a Syrian refugee family to Victoria in 2016: two parents and three children. I believe that the refugee crisis will continue escalate exponentially. Learning how to welcome them into our culture is only the very beginning of what they actually need. Ongoing support and care, as they learn to integrate themselves into a culture that is often threatening to their deepest values, is essential, and not always as available as the initial rush of enthusiasm that happens when they first arrive.

The West Coast Evolutionaries
We are a Victoria-based group of spiritual practitioners, students of Craig Hamilton, Jeff Carreira, Thomas Hübl, and other contemporary teachers. We run regional spiritual gatherings, retreats, workshops, and practice circles. For me, the opportunity to co-create and participate in events without the presence of a ‘teacher’ is profoundly evolutionary.

Working with People through Higher Consciousness and Systemic Constellation
I organized this training, with the help of my friend Michael Ray, inspired by my own deep abiding interest in bringing so called ‘personal work’ into a larger and deeper context, so that we may begin to embody the experience of working together in a living field of energy and wisdom.

The Global Dialogue Lab
Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger, creators of One World in Dialogue, are joined by writer and agent provocateur, Bayo Akomolafe for a series of monthly forums on new approaches to activism and change-making.I’ve been participating in these emergent dialogues on Zoom. I recommend them wholeheartedly to those of you who feel drawn to exploring the different dimensions of what we are facing in our global field at this time. I have great love and respect for the three co-hosts of these dialogues, and the intelligence, curiosity and vulnerability they bring to them.