Embodied Intimacy, Transformative Inquiry, Creative Emergence

The Gift of Presence


There is only one life
you can call your own
and a thousand others
you can call by any name you want..

..Hold to your own truth
at the center of the image
you were born with.

(David Whyte)

Do you ever long to be more fully yourself?  More transparent, creative and alive?  Deeply engaged with life?  Is there a feeling of disconnection from something essential and precious? Can you feel this deeper and more alive way of being wanting to emerge in your life? Maybe you’re not even sure what it is. Maybe you wish that whatever is calling you would go away and leave you alone. But it won’t.

Soul work is what helps you to open your heart to this depth within you, the courage, and the core creativity. You can learn to slow down and listen, to follow the clues, to recognize the signs. Re-connecting with your soul is like finding your own north star, learning the sacred art of wayfinding.

Your essential nature is shy. It doesn’t bust into your life uninvited. It often speaks to you in ways that you don’t hear, or that you ignore and deny. The voice of the soul, your presence, is like a whisper that gets drowned out by all the busyness, by all the noise inside your head.


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It’s not easy, to be a human being, at this time in the world. If you want to participate fully in life, if you want to discover what really matters, you have to stop dealing with the symptoms, with what appears on the surface of your life. You have to get down to the heart of the matter, which is your capacity to be present, to meet this moment with all of who you are.

You have no idea what will happen when you align yourself with this presence, the courage and the intelligence of your soul. Listening to your soul, following these deeper currents in your own being, is not a casual affair. It’s a profound practice, a love affair and a wild adventure.

And it’s your way. No-one else can tell you how to re-acquaint yourself with your own depths. But there are signs to be followed, clues and indications—help and guidance are available.

Fishing for the moon--Jenna Martin

Your soul has always been with you, from the very beginning. Reconnecting with it is like starting to feel deeply at home in your own skin.  Your soul is a source of  great love, fierce integrity, and core creativity. It could be what you always longed for. Even when you thought you were looking for something else.

People have been asking me to define soul, presence. It’s a difficult thing to define, because it is mysterious, far beyond the grasp of the cognitive mind. What I know from my own experience is that to connect with the soul, you descend. You get grounded. You get real. You go down-into the body, into the feelings, into the mystery. Down into the belly, the earth, trees, tears, rocks, roots and fire. Into the space where it no longer matters if you are comfortable or not.

Soul is not the same thing as unconditioned presence, or pure awareness; and it is not separate from it either. Your soul is how presence embodies itself in you, as you. It has a movement, a strong creative force. If you really pay attention, if you start to listen deeply, this dimension of your being reveals itself to you. And that is quite a radical and life-changing experience.

Leo Sofer and I had a great conversation about my work as a ‘soul mentor.’
The interview and audio package are available, for free, on his website. Just click here:  ‘Journey of Soul Work’  and then on Shayla interview MP3

I believe that the world has never needed this kind of deep alignment with our soul,  our essence, more than it does right now. May this conversation and this story bring you heart, and move your forward on your journey of evolution and awakening.

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