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‘Everyday Magic’ Shayla’s best loved Lifeletters

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Everyday Magic - Shayla's Lifeletter Book

‘Everyday Magic’ Shayla’s best loved Lifeletters


Please scroll down to read more about this book and how you can send it as a gift.


Product Description

Dear friends:

This book is a response to many people who have asked for it.

‘Everyday Magic’ is an 86 page ebook that contains twenty of my most widely read Lifeletters, plus one secret, unpublished Lifeletter. There are photographs and artwork in the book as well. I hope you enjoy it.  The cost is $12.00 CAD.

If you want to send this book as a gift to someone,

you can just fill in their email address when you make the purchase. The form that comes up on the way to check out has a space for a note, if you want to write something for them there.

What my readers say:

“In your Lifeletter, you were talking directly to my situation. It was really uncanny. You don’t even know it– your wisdom is working on so many mysterious levels.”

Tara Williams, Nelson, British Columbia


“I don’t always comment, Shayla, but I always read. And listen. Thank you, from the heart.”

Kat Wiebe, Canmore, Alberta



“Your life letters are a divining rod of your integrity and how you live your teachings.”
Tisane Scanlan, Nelson, Canada



“You inspire me every time to dive inside, to question, to wonder… And it enlivens and comforts me, time and again.
Myra Pieters-Engelkes, Arnhem, Netherlands



“Thanks for these words, Shayla. So often in my work I struggle to convey the paradox you have named, that our uniqueness leads us to understanding that we are both marvellous and ordinary, both single gems and just another human being along with billions of others. We need both of these answers to the question of ‘Who am I?’”
Ralph Friesan, Nelson, Canada



“I appreciated your last Lifeletter and passed it on to a friend who was struggling with despair. He found it very helpful.”
Rosalyn Grady, Nelson, BC



“I don’t know how, but you always seem to talk about something I’ve been thinking about or touch on something I need to hear in your Lifeletter.”
Laura Darkstar, Dallas, Texas


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