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Is This Work for You?

Is This Kind Of Work For You?


The work that I do often feels like medicine to heal the mind, awaken the heart and restore the soul. I offer this medicine to you in the form of powerful and liberating practices. These practices are simple, and very effective. They work when you are longing for more clarity, authenticity, and compassion.  They could be what you need if you feel caught in a narrow place, cut off from the flow and natural vitality of life. They soften and release the place where your current identity feels small and constricted.

To open to this deeper, more transparent connection with yourself, or with others, requires a deep change, a transformation, an opening into a new way of being. If you are reading this, then you are already being called in a new direction. You feel the presence of a new possibility. But you don’t know how to move towards it.  You are not even yet clear about what it is. Will power doesn’t work in this place. Struggle is exhausting. Giving up is not really an option.  You try different things and they don’t work, not really. You feel like you have one foot on the gas and the other one on the brake. Something else is required-that much is clear.

The Healing & Liberating Power of Presence

What do I mean by good medicine? I am talking about something simple, something fundamental, something that works. I am talking about a group of practices that awaken your presence, your compassion and your courage.  This is how radical change really happens. You open and transform when you learn to be fully present, in your body, in the places where you have been shut down and contracted.

Kalso Alchemy of Writing 2I work with people using this body of somatic practices,  which means that these practices are based on a grounded, embodied way of being.  They offer you different ways of learning to be more and more present, open, curious and connected with what is happening right now. No matter how much some part of you wants to withdraw and protect itself, there is another part of you that is willing to show up, to explore, to discover, to feel deeply.

You don’t have to get rid of this defensive, contracted part of who you are. We all have an aspect like this. What this  self-protective part of you needs is your own embodied presence, and the loving presence of another person or group of people.  A real living connection with someone else who is fully present will bring you out of isolation, back into connection with your body, with others, and with the larger field of life. The power of these practices allow you to access, bit by bit, the natural intelligence, love and courage that are aspects of your deeper nature. 

This direct contact with yourself through the body with this larger field of energy is immensely helpful in revealing what it is you really want, what matters to you, more than anything. The conversations we have, the practices we do together will fan the flame of your real desire, your deep longing, and let it begin to light up your life.


Your Life is Your Laboratory

Together, we discover how these somatic practices can really come alive for you as part of this living conversation we are having together. What you learn to do when we are together becomes something you can bring right into your everyday life. You learn how to slow down, to relax into the body, to open, to listen deeply, to respond instead of react. You learn to drop into your pelvis,  your legs, and to stay in contact, instead of pulling away and withdrawing. You learn how to engage in somatic inquiry, how to work with the questions that life brings you as you evolve and grow.  This is how your everyday life becomes your laboratory. This is the good news! As you open to this alive, curious and fully grounded way of being, you realize that you have everything you need, each day, in order to transform and awaken. It’s extraordinary what happens when the essential nature of these practices flow into the small moments of your day. This is how real transformation happens.

Duncan workshop 2

I am here to help you move through the obstacles that block you from this deep contact with your soul. I am not here to rescue you, or to change you, but to meet you, exactly where you are. And to help restore you to your natural, authentic and loving way of being. As your coach and mentor, I abide with you in a shared commitment to keep going, not to give up, to discover a radical new way of relating to your obstacles, setbacks and disappointments. You can learn to respect the life that is yours, to offer the gifts that want to flow from you, and to find beauty in all of it, even in the struggle and the difficulty. To say a deep and true yes to who you are, and to this life that has been given to you.

‘If to say it once
And once only, then still
To say: Yes.’

~Gregory Orr

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