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A Deep Dialogue with Mary-Jo Fetterly


Mary Jo Fetterly is a gifted and highly skilled teacher of yoga and tantra. I knew Mary-Jo in Nelson BC, both before and after the skiing accident that left her with a severe spinal injury.

She is writing a book called, ‘EMBODYING THE ENERGY OF PARALYSIS’
Why taking away the physical made me a better Yogi
Discover what Yoga taught me about the Life-Force, what the Life-Force taught me about Paralysis and what Paralysis taught me about life



This is a conversation between myself and Mary-Jo Fetterly on the topic of  ‘A Deeper Embodiment’

Once you click on the recording, please wait for about 7 seconds for it to begin.

You can visit her Facebook page here: Mary-Jo Trinity Yoga

Here is some of what Mary Jo expressed as we had this conversation:

  • Prior to my injury I had an amazing body. I still have an amazing body, even though I am paralyzed.
  • We can engage in exercise, sex, and all kinds of things, without being in our body.
  • Even if we think we know what embodiment is, it’s still a journey, and it’s a mystical one, if we are ready for that.
  • Yoga became my sanctuary.
  • The body is the interface with all of the other dimensions.
  • This deeper relationship with the body is the most intimate relationship we we will ever have, with the life force, with the Divine.