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Aligning with Love as an Evolutionary Force

Working in the relational field, opening to intimacy–this is a training in opening to a new kind of courageous love.  We enter this path because we know that when the dust clears, when everything falls apart, love is what matters. Not my job, not my possessions, or my status or my knowledge, but the depth of love I am able to give and receive. When people are dying, this becomes very clear to them. Let’s not wait until then. Let’s awaken the intelligence of the heart right now, and find out how to move through all this baggage we are still carrying, from generations of our ancestors who did not know how to love either.

Getting clear, becoming fully adult  in our human relationships, is a big job. Discovering how to really give and receive compassion, how to live as love, is not a task for the faint of heart.  We are born into this world naked, vulnerable and utterly dependent on the people who care for us.  Without any real training or sustained guidance in communication, intimacy, and transparency,  we are expected to grow up and become mature in our human relationships. How could we believe this is possible? There is no real evidence to support this  idea.

Our actual experience of intimacy can feel like landing in a wild ocean, and being expected to swim. Who teaches us how to be natural, present,  loving, and courageous with the people around us? Most of us had very few people in our lives demonstrating these qualities to us. So we teach ourselves. We learn to manage the best way we can, using whatever intelligence we have available to us in our early years.

Learning to embody love takes us through a process, a journey with many twists and turns. We explore our deep longing for love and the ways in which we avoid it. We work on a deep human level, with emotional integration, and embodiment work. We expand our subtle capacities, as we practice energetic attunement and open to the heart as an organ of spiritual perception. We learn to embody our intention to align with love as an evolutionary force.


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The strategies we come up with, the ways we learn to be with other people, help us to survive. Because of this, we remain deeply loyal and attached to these strategies, even when they are not fully conscious. But these ways of being do not allow us to really connect. They do not allow us to be deeply seen and received by another. They do not allow us to listen to each other, to step inside the experiences  and viewpoints of the people in our lives. They do not allow us to move beyond our need for approval and agreement into a much deeper and more open space. So we end up paying a huge cost for these strategies, later on, if we cannot let them go.

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You grow and evolve in stages on your human journey. What seems  important and essential at one stage is no longer what really matters at another stage. It’s very important to be aware of this, or you will make connecting in a certain way your final destination, which it is not. Wherever you are in your journey is a fine place to be, as long as you don’t decide to make it a permanent home. You need to remain open to the flow of your own evolution.

Our work happens in a shared space of living presence, through which we listen to, follow, and respect the wisdom of the heart. Sometimes it feels like learning a new language.   In this higher frequency, we make contact with inner resources and capacities that begin to emerge when we make contact with the fluid, living wisdom of the body. Through dialogue, somatic inquiry, embodied meditation and energetic practices, you realize that you can show up in a way that is open and courageous, and make choices you have never made before.

This is the bright home
in which I live
This is where
I ask
my friends
to come
this is where I want
to love all the things
it has taken me so long
to learn to love

                                                                                                                                                                                                   (David Whyte)

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