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 Somatic Coaching

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“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”–Jesus, the Gospel according to Thomas

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Why should you have to become your true self? Isn’t the nature of your true self something that belongs to you already? Ah yes, your true self does belong to you. It’s the authentic core of who you are. And in order to embody it, you have to go on a journey. A journey of individuation, of becoming an adult, of inhabiting the body. An adventure in which you learn to ground your energy, feel your feelings, and show up for your precious life and what it asks of you.

Until we take this journey, we can’t really show up for ourselves, for the people we love, or for the world. We are still being pushed around by the secret agendas, demands and hidden needs of the unintegrated parts of our being. In the container we create together, you can dissolve your inertia, confusion and struggle. You can turn our face toward a life that is authentic, courageous and full of kindness.

Our authentic self, who we are at the core, is creative, unique and deeply expressive. Although we long for it, this way of being is not so easy to access, in the face of all that our day-to-day life demands. We are naturally drawn, in our hearts and bodies, as well as our minds,  to expressing the gifts, the voice and the energy that is uniquely ours.  Yet the capacity to live this way eludes us, much of the time. To step into the power, clarity and vulnerability of our true self  takes practice. This sacred task requires commitment, and it can only happen within a field of relation.

When you allow yourself to be seen as you are, and to express yourself freely, with full aliveness and integrity, a deep and natural happiness emerges. It’s like drinking the water of a new life.

We all get stuck sometimes. Something gets frozen inside us, and we don’t know how to access the flow of our own living, creative energy. We get stuck because we don’t know how to claim for ourselves what it is that we need in order to embody our true and natural way of being. We get all wrapped up in our survival energy, and abandon the passion and beauty that wants to move through us and flow into the world. We don’t know how to reach out and ask for help. And we don’t know how to work with our fear, our impulse to hold back and protect ourselves.

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We can’t find this courage when we think we have to find it alone. This kind of courage springs from intimacy, from connection, from being in relationship with someone who can help you activate the courage and vitality that live in your core. Slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, our work together allows you to show up for life in a creative and vibrant way. This is your way, and it emerges, day by day, as you practice.

Here’s the good news: You can learn to develop all of these natural capacities. They already live in you. And you don’t need a whole river of courage, or clarity.  You just need a few drops. Which come to you, as we work together, slowly, patiently, gently.

This work is for you if you have the desire, the longing, to become who you really are and participate fully in life. Not just because it feels good, or because you want it. But because the world needs your true self. A life fully lived is an offering to the larger field in which we move and breathe together.

You can begin with a discovery session which gives you half an hour with me for only $40.00 CAD.  

Our time together gives you me a chance to have a conversation with you, and to begin the process of somatic coaching-attuning to the deep wisdom of the body.  Even a short time in this shared space of  embodied presence and mutual intention can give you an immediate sense, in your body and in your heart, of what this kind of work has to offer you.

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This session can feel like a deep letting go, a softening into a new way of listening to your body that allows a a deeper level of truth to emerge. You touch into the feeling of your authentic energy , and begin to say yes to what is truly possible for you, to what is ready to open and flow in your life.

If you are interested in speaking with me, meeting with me in this way, please apply for this session by filling out the form below.

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Your Thirty Minute Discovery Session: $40.00 CAD

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