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Shayla Wright | WideAwakeHeart
Shayla Wright | WideAwakeHeart

You are planted in your own integrity,

and there you stand,

gnarled and knotted,

perfectly at ease with yourself,

your roots deep in truth,

your branches held up to let the light in.

-Stephen Mitchell, Second book of Tao 19

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A woman who worked with me wrote a poem about this process of awakening to a new way of being alive.

Stretching Exercises

It won’t come all at once,
the life you want.
You won’t change
overnight, or in a moment.

Life, too, has its inertia.
It’s elastic,
but there’s a shape it knows.

Start looking at the ways
your life can be stretched.
Pull and expand the edges
of your potential, your possibility.

Work at it.
It will take time
to change the shape
of your existence.

But one day in the mirror,
there it is:
a whole, new body.

-Natasha Jmieff

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