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Shayla Wright | WideAwakeHeart
Shayla Wright | WideAwakeHeart

You are planted in your own integrity,

and there you stand,

gnarled and knotted,

perfectly at ease with yourself,

your roots deep in truth,

your branches held up to let the light in.

-Stephen Mitchell, Second book of Tao 19

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Dear friend, welcome to Wide Awake Heart

I notice these days that there is a lot of ‘evolutionary pressure’ on us, both individually and collectively. It’s getting more and more clear that our old ways of thinking, perceiving and connecting are no longer sustainable. But there is another paradox at the heart of this evolutionary edge: we cannot really heal or evolve if we want to be anywhere else than where we are right now.

The people I work with keep expressing ideas to me that sound like this: “I can’t believe I am still struggling with this.” “I should be more mature than this.” “If I was more evolved I wouldn’t have to feel what I am feeling.” “This whole process is taking much too long.”

It’s perfectly natural to feel such things–it’s part of being human. And at the same time, we are being invited into a new possibility here– saying yes to what is here, loving what we are up against. We can actually learn to hold the difficulty, the pain, the anguish, very close. We can cradle it, hold it, and welcome the actual experience into our whole body.

In order to do this, we have to learn to suspend the voices that say we should be somewhere else. We need to stop moving away, and come back to our immediate experience, in the body. Coming home like this is a journey. It’s a journey that takes us through all of the stories that prevent us from taking responsibility for what is right here in front of us.

Loving what arises in each moment creates a lot more spaciousness, and allows room for light, for clarity and for movement. The places where we are stuck and contracted often feel quite paralyzed. Bringing the light and warmth and aliveness of presence into these places is a radical shift. It opens in us the life giving flow, the healing movement of the life force itself.

When this deep intimacy with the flow of your own experience happens in the shared presence of others, you can make contact with your essential nature, the depth and power of the soul.  You can discover how to trust in the loving intelligence of life.  You can begin to embody the qualities you need to live a life of integrity, creativity, and love.

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I look forward to being with you.

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Opening The Soul Window: the one hour discovery session

How do you tap into the kind of courage and freedom that will change your life?

Courage is very different from what we believe it to be.

Real courage, the kind of courage that will change your life, depends on your capacity to be vulnerable and transparent. Because when you show up like this, you connect, truly. You are no longer on the outside, looking in. You are here, available, energetically connected to life. And supported. This is when the energy of courage begins to move in you.

Come join me, come practice with me. Discover what it’s like to be in relation with someone who will hold you, meet you, challenge you, and support you, as you become more and more fully yourself.

Soul work might sound abstract, but it is deeply grounded in the body and our human experience. Contact with the essence of who you are is like opening a window and letting a fresh breeze blow through your life. It is liberating and empowering to get in touch with what you really long for, with what the soul is calling you to stand for, and to give. No-one else can tell you what that is.

What kind of connection do you believe is possible, with your essence, with these deeper currents in your being? This recognition of the soul brings a depth, an aliveness, an excitement into your life. It opens up a much bigger picture of who you are and what your life is about.


Path-of-Light-Can you imagine making this your priority? What if you found the willingness to go on this journey, this adventure, into unknown dimensions of your being?

In our ongoing sessions of soul work, we create a container in which you can finally access an energy, an intelligence, and a love that is stronger than your old ways of being. This is the energy of your soul, your essence. As you open to this energy,  you begin to feel your creative intelligence waking up. You realize that your vitality and your love can flow out into your everyday life. Your identity no longer feels so narrow and solid.  As you practice, develop, and become more fully present, you are able to access an experience of yourself as radiant, transparent and fluid.

This connection with what is deep and true within you is the key to your happiness. It’s such a relief to stop putting it off, to finally say ‘Yes,’ to this adventure, to this love affair, to this one who has been waiting for you.

To read more about Soul Work, visit this page on my website:   ‘Opening the Soul Window’

Or read this Introduction: Introduction-to-Opening-the-Soul-Window

Opening The Soul Window


I have had some wonderful, inspiring, surprising conversations with people who have registered for these sessions.  If you feel ready for a session with me, I welcome you to this open space of dialogue and discovery.

The fee for these sessions is $85.00 CAD

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I look forward to connecting with you.


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